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Mancini defends embattled Suarez

Roberto Mancini has come to the defence of under-fire Luis Suarez by saying that the Liverpool striker still deserves to be named Footballer of the Year and asking his critics: "Do you want to kill him?"

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Sandmano1821d ago

Respect to Mancini. Suarez is a great player and that 10 match ban was ridiculous.

Thefreeman0121820d ago

Respect? Mancini has no backbone. Sticking up for this childish behavior is obserd...

ninjagoat1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

He got what he deserves ffs. They ban children from Nursery's for biting now days :/. This idiots a grown man second times hes did it aswell shows he didn't learn from the first instance.

specially goggled this one for ya lads ;)

Also its policy in Nursery's up and down the land for no biting. hey this is for 2-4 year old's. What age is Suarez again?.