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Highlights: Newcastle United 0-6 Liverpool (Premier League - 27/04/2013)

Agger (3')
Henderson (17')
Sturridge (54')
Sturridge (60')
Borini (74')
Henderson (76')

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dangert121824d ago

I've said it many of times, liverpool are not a one man team.
yes saurez scores alot for us but people are setting him up playing him in with him out this game and the rest will show people we are not a one man team...henderson has been half way between a class act this seen...hopefully next season more games and consistency good to see jonjo back on the pitch and good to see borini come back and score!

Sahil1824d ago

Not a bad day at the office.
I'd like to know wtf was Borini was thinking, is he blind?? Biting a hand, after his team mate got a 10 match ban for biting.. The FA will swing for him now.


BlmThug1824d ago

Considering it's the FA, don't be surprised if he does get investigated x'D

Sahil1824d ago

cough *Sarcasm* cough

Kopite_20201824d ago

BS was that sarcasm. It seems you didn't realise its his celebration, the hand symbolises a dagger. There's no shame in not knowing, there is shame in back pedalling!

Grap1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

What the hack is wrong with this team? Who Do hey train with with pack of wolves or something?

chukamachine1824d ago

Newcastle belong in the next div.

asmith23061824d ago

Nice work Liverpool. It's always nice to see Mike Ashleys team take a pounding!