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Highlights: Real Madrid 2 : 0 Borussia Dortmund ( UEFA Champions League Semi final 2leg 30/04/2013 )

Benzema (83') 1-0
Ramos (88') 2-0 (Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

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RGB  +   941d ago
Great effort by Madrid, congrats to Dortmund.
wantedboys  +   941d ago
Thank you Madrid and Congrats to Dortmund
krazykombatant  +   941d ago
Imma rage here minus bubble me whatever ever you want im going to throw a fit.

Howard Webb you dirty piece of fuk@#$ sh1t. Utter b.s no penalty at the end. No hand ball?? BS.

5 minutes of added time pfffffft.

ManU fans got their revenge in the end in the form of howard webb.

Diego Lopezwas solid, whole match was great. But those last couple of minutes took a huge dump on the match.

/massive rage.
buddymagoo  +   941d ago
He's just a crap ref. Always been overrated!! Although people say he is bias towards us, he's not, we have a high win rate with most refs because we win alot more than we lose or draw.

It's just more people are started to see that he is a poor ref in most games and not just ours.

I think he missed a lot for both sides. Especially Ramos elbowing Lewa about 15 times!!
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krazykombatant  +   941d ago
The madrid team, just played physical football. If it had been an English team it would be fine.

Still, I thought the reffing was even till the second half.

Had to laugh at the ITV pundits, dortmund playing better in both legs HA!
vulcanproject  +   941d ago
Dortmund deserved to win the tie over the two legs.

Madrid had their chances, Dortmund had some as well, and could have easily scored a couple tonight to boot. They WERE better averaging the 180 minutes. Lewandowski also was fouled a bazillion times without much punishment for Madrid.

Madrid had a fairer opportunity than Manchester United did. Madrid should have been out of this competition a couple months ago. They were never good enough to win it, not if you lose 4-1 in a semi final. You just can't do that at this level...

Bayern still to take it for me.
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majiebeast  +   941d ago
Be glad you didnt lose Ramos after his fightclub style of football some of the things he did were deep red with a ref that isnt Webb. So dont whine about wanting a penalty.
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Ben Dover   941d ago | Offensive
Sahil  +   941d ago
Well in Dortmund.
Nes_Daze  +   941d ago
Congrats to Dortmund, and Madrid fought well.
Ben Dover  +   941d ago
Well deserved to Dortmund. Madrid doesn't possess the quality to get past Dortmund, just like in the group stages. This result was expected before they even started the match.
BlmThug  +   941d ago
Very happy with the result :D Madrid lost to the better team and the raging fanboy above should relax a little
wantedboys  +   941d ago
I love how people hate Madrid who can blame them
9 times champion league
32 la Liga
Nobody can say that
Today we lose tomorrow we win this football
Hate all you want I very happy with Madrid today they fight till the end we were close to reach the final but not close enough
The more u hate Madrid the more we love Madrid
The more u hate the more Madrid become stronger
Hala Madrid :))
Infernostew  +   940d ago
4 of Madrid's Champs league wins were in it's 1st 4 years of inception. Also Madrid hasn't made it to a Champion's League Final in 11 years. Unless you want to count that Champion's League trophy you got from the movie Goal 2.
wantedboys  +   940d ago
Who hell are u talking about the first 4 trophies of Real Madrid
UEFA approved that Madrid won these trophies and they deserved it
If you do not like it do not complain to me go complain to the UEFA
Infernostew  +   940d ago
Just wanted to point that out. Enjoy living in the past.
wantedboys  +   940d ago
i watched Madrid win the champion league three times

yes it was 11 years ago but still 3 times and their always next year

Madrid is past present and future
We will win it and Madrid will be first team in history to win 10 champion league

Hate Madrid all u want does not change a thing
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KingPin  +   940d ago
if madrid played the full 90 like the last 10 they wouldve won.
missed chances and a couple bad decisions cost them.

dortmund did what they had to and it was just enough to see them through at the end of the day so well done to them.
mmj  +   940d ago
That first point is debatable, the last 10mins was as much down to Dortmund going into a 'nearly there' defensive mentality rather than Madrid stepping up their game.

Apart from the first 10mins and last 10 mins tonight Dortmund played better over the two legs, Madrid looked toothless the majority of the time.
zeddy  +   940d ago
good. the team who deserves it won the tie.
daruzair  +   940d ago
dortmund can't be compared to real madrid.madrid is far better than dortmund they lose no matter they already won ucl trophy 9 times they also played well in both the legs but unfortunately they couldn't score madrid dominates both legs interms of possession but they grove some miss chance, the two big chances missed by them in the first 20 mint one by ronaldo 2nd by ozil could have
changed complete shape of game but never d less we happy the way madrid played...
ninjagoat  +   940d ago
Had there chance blew it end off. Glad to see them crying over the ref now.
asmith2306  +   940d ago
Fair result over the two legs. Madrid can only blame themselves for not performing in both legs like they did in the last ten minutes. So Jose back to Chelsea then yes?
chukamachine  +   940d ago
Well done Dortmund, Madrid screwed themselves in the first leg and only have themselves to blame.

Madrid tried hard and came very close, ramos was dirty.

Ronaldo should not have been on the pitch. Could see he was struggling.

Overall a good result for football.

And laugh at me if you will.

Tonights game will be even better, I can see barca pulling the scoreline back.

Will finish in extra time.
nix  +   940d ago
past did come to haunt Madrid. if they hadn't played so badly in the first leg, they could have easily reached the final (going by how they played the second leg).

Great match. the way the first 15 mins was being played i thought they're going to win. could have scored 3 in the first 15. such great chances. thank god, i'm not a Madrid fan otherwise i would have got a heart attack.

anyways let's see what magic Barca will wield tonight.
BlmThug  +   940d ago
All German final ;D
topgeareasy  +   940d ago
so am I the only person here who thinks Coentrão should of been sent off
mmj  +   940d ago
Dortmund would have had one eye on the final so they aren't going to go all out to win this tie 7-1, their game plan for last night would have been to get to through the final with as few injuries/suspensions as possible.

If Madrid are better than Dortmund then out of the four times these two teams have played this season why were they only able to show it tonight when Dortmund were not really focused on winning?
lando786  +   940d ago
I'm proud of how Madrid played their asses off in this game. Had some great chances but Weidenfeller made some amazing stops. Cannot take anything away from either team. Borrusia managed to hold off without Götze. Instead of whining like the above fan, I'm looking forward to next season.

Maybe these loses will make the players more mature and realize how well they play together rather than everyone trying to be a one-man team.

Mou hinted he'll probably leave which is a huge loss no matter what you think of him, who ever comes along I hope they throw away their desperate long ball strategy that has stumped them throughout the season.

Depending on the manager next season we *might* win but signings are a bit unclear and new players who come on will have some time to adapt.

Webb's performance was pretty messed up, missed the handball and SR should have been carded alot sooner if not redcarded, Xabi Alonso should have also seen a card or two.

Over two legs the better team won, now go win the damn trophy!
Bosna98  +   940d ago
last ten minutes were edge of seat nail biting stuff.. good game
Scrivlar  +   940d ago
Dortmund were better over the 180 minutes and deserved to go through overall but I can't ignore some people saying they are better than or have more talent than Madrid that's just sily. Also I could be inclined to blame Mourinho for starting Higuain instead of Benzema both legs.
NaViTo  +   940d ago
Bye bye Mourinho! xD

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