Messi is the greatest defender in the world - Guardiola

The ex-Barcelona boss believes the Argentina captain and Blaugrana star is not only a great goalscorer, but, defensively brilliant and capable of playing anywhere

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Kos-Mos1206d ago

The troll is trolling abut the troll.

Nes_Daze1205d ago OffTopicShowReplies(1)
KingPin1206d ago

i dont even know where to start disagreeing with this statement.

but the messi fans will eat this garbage up.

TheOneEyedHound1206d ago

On his way to Being the greatest player of all time.

But defender? Haven't seem him much.

crazyturkey1206d ago

Until one player can play great anywhere on the pitch from Striker to Goal Keeper, no one deserves those Best Player in The World tittles.

KingPin1205d ago

they do have a title for each position known as the FIFA world XI, but even thats a joke.
anyone that agrees with the 2012 lineup knows nothing about football and shouldn't be taken seriously. EVER!!

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