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Ronaldo ahead of Messi in the April rankings measuring goals and assists

The Real Madrid's Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has become the leader of the Castrol EDGE Ranking of April, snatching the top spot for the first time since 2009, the Argentine player Leo Messi of FC Barcelona.

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Yi-Long1872d ago

... so yeah, ofcourse he won't be at his peak.

Nes_Daze1873d ago

In April....soo don't see how that says much. Both players have had a rough season though imo...:/

doncorleone1872d ago

Of course, they have been so disapointing,what a rough season, scoring only 50+ goals....pfff

KingPin1872d ago

LOL. is this journalism nowadays?
compare ronaldo and messi on a monthly basis?
whats next....weekly updates on whose better?

doncorleone1872d ago

hour updates is what im thinking right now