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Mourinho : ‘Pepe has a problem, its called Varane’

Jose Mourinho has taken a swipe at Pepe in the wake of the defender's comments on theReal Madrid coach's treatment of Iker Casillas. (Jose Mourinho, Pepe, Spanish Primera Division)

Sandmano  +   668d ago
Lol nice one mourinho, he's leaving for sure lol. I think he's settling some scores before he does though.
Nes_Daze  +   667d ago
This guy's a clown, always has been. -_-
lando786  +   667d ago
I take it you say this because of the headline... See the whole interview he goes on a long explanation of why he says that, and it pretty much what everyone thinks.
Thing is, when he was playing Casillas and was getting 2-4 goals a game, people were complaining then that he didn't play Adan (Same situation has been happening in the Spain squad where a lot of people want Valdez to start). When Pepe was one of his untouchables, people were saying it was because Pepe fit his "dirty style of play" . Same with Xabi Alonso before Modric joined. They also said he never gave chances to the youngsters like Morata, Jese and Nacho.

Now he's switching things around (and pretty much doing what people wanted him to do) and they are giving him crap because of his decisions. Mou isn't the problem here, the Media is.
Nes_Daze  +   666d ago
No, not because of this headline, if you've paid attention to what Mou has said and done over the years, you would know he's a clown. The nice word that people label him as is "controversial". He's a child and lacks sportsmanship.
Imalwaysright  +   666d ago
LMAO a barça fan talking about sportsmanship is laughable at best. The very definition of irony.

Like him or not he is one of the best coaches this sport has seen and nothing will ever take that away from him. Also I'm sure that you know that much of what he said over the years were well deserved responses to the countless provocations made by the media and in this particular case he just said what everyone was thinking.
abzdine  +   667d ago
He is right! Varane is coming from another planet! He is so clean and calm when he plays.
Sandmano  +   667d ago
What's crazy is that he's 19
doncorleone  +   666d ago
Twice as young as Giggs, crazy...
Corepred4  +   666d ago
Twice as young?? Lol that just sounds weird to me... Wouldn't it just be half his age. Lol
abzdine  +   666d ago
yes and Pepe is for me the cause Madrid is out of Champion's League the first goal Dortmund scored against them came from Pepe's mistake, and some of the other goals as well. He is losing focus he was much better last year
lando786  +   663d ago
Well on the first leg I don't think you could rule out any single player for that mess... The whole team just seemed out of it to me.

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