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Mourinho: Casillas will not be first choice while I am at Real Madrid

MADRID, May 7 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho sent out a clear message Tuesday that Iker Casillas will not be first choice keeper at the club while he remains as coach.

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Sandmano1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Not looking good for Casillas.

krazykombatant1867d ago

Ugh just leave now..... acting like a child to get sacked

buddymagoo1865d ago

If he gets sacked it costs Madrid 10m if he leaves it costs Chelsea 10m

krazykombatant1864d ago

Thing is he is obviously trying to cause a rift between him and the fans again as well as the locker room.

I really don't want to see him leave, due to everything he has done for the club in such a short time but this attitude doesn't help.

Also in the grand scheme of things 10 million isn't that much, at least not for the likes of Madrid and Chelsea.

RGB1865d ago

Mourinho is a disgrace, glad to see him gone! Any bets Casillas will be #1 for Confederations Cup and captain!

wantedboys1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

How many years do u support Madrid?
Mourinho one of the best managers and diego lopez did his job perfectly
Before Mourinho 6 years in a row in the champion league Madrid always lose in the knockout stage
Next season if he is gone and if Madrid did not win anything do not blame the manager or the Madrid president, blame yourself and the fans who want Mourinho out
“21 years and 18 coaches reached 5 semifinals, the bad Mourinho has reached 3 in 3″
Read this blog

RGB1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I've been a Madrid fan since the Del Bosque days, Madrid was in a far better position then, before Perez turned Madrid into an average club until Mourinho came.

Mourinho has been great, he holds several La Liga records including highest pts total in a La Liga season and has got Madrid to 3 semi-finals in 3 Champions League seasons + won Madrid their 1st Copa del Rey in 18 years...

However, his decisions this year have cost Madrid massively. He dropped Casillas, the world's best keeper even before injury because he disliked the guy. Madrid went on a terrible run with Adan in goal. In one game when Adan was sent off, Casillas came on and Madrid won the game... Coincidence? Casillas at that point went on a great run, almost clean sheets in every match until his injury. Since then he's been made a laughing stock by Mourinho. Casillas has probably (at least IMO) been Madrid's greatest servant - He definitely will be in years to come.

Former Madrid managers and players + Del Bosque don't seem amused by Mourinho's actions this season and no wonder why the media hate in Madrid has gone up several gears this year.

Del Bosque has won far more as a Madrid manager (very successful player at the club too) with actual Madrid academy players, not a whole squad bought in bar a few.

8 titles in 3 and a half seasons. Mourinho 3 (with a potential 4th) in 3 seasons.

krazykombatant1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Read your blog, or whoever made the blog, fair points i couldn't agree more.

However, that being said i think we tend to miss out on the fact hes also made some mistakes, such as playing khedira over and over again when hes obviously inefficient and down right a joke on the pitch.

Keeps picking him over the likes of kaka, callejon and a bench which is basically filled with starters for any other team.

Whilst casillas has been pretty rubbish this whole season, for the spaniards in this case the Madridistas, he is a symbol of the team, he is to Real Madrid as Sir Alex is to ManU. He is the team, the longest variable.

What were seeing in Madrid is basically a mix of what happened with AVB and chelsea senior players and a mix of spanish v. portuguese influence.

Also the majority of madrid fans are glory hunters/bangwagon jumpers/fair weather fans. If we don't win every single trophy every year it needs to be labeled a "failure". This year would have been a failure if we had lost against united in the last 16.

Mou simply didn't do enough to strengthen/motivate a squad which can be said to be in a solid state in all parts of the pitch.

I have loved to see him stay at madrid for maybe another year or 2. But it won't happen, he is clearly trying to force Perez hand and let him go.

Lopez has been amazing for us, and I think he deserves to in the team but casillas is also one of a kind, very few keepers come with his quality.

Next season, we will most likely be without mou, but there are plenty of great quality coaches out there. Maybe we can bring SAF out of retirement I'm sure he'd love to go coach Ronaldo again :P.

Jokes aside, we'll see what this summer and the transfer window brings and takes with it.


@RGB: Comparing the barca of Del Bosque to the Barca Mou has to play against isn't necessarily fair is it? Also Casillas had a pretty awful season by his standards before the jan. transfer window. Madrid couldn't keep opposing teams from scoring. Thus why the title was lost back in oct. november.

Mou brought back the winning ways to madrid.

maxi1311865d ago

I'm glad he's leaving...Casillas is a legend and it's not right for him to be on the bench.

shadowraiden1865d ago

shouldnt matter about being a legend.
Casillas was the best GK in world but recent years has become sloppy with many mistakes so its about time he gets the kick up his arse he deserves.

RGB1864d ago

Where is the evidence of that?

Look at my comment history. Casillas has had the best goals against record for the last 5 years at club level and international level (combined). He's also had the best clean sheets record in his last 2 full seasons in Europe across all competitions!

He even when on a really great run when Adan was sent off during the 1st stint of Mourinho benching him this season!

Statistically Casillas is unmatched.

shadowraiden1864d ago

statistics dont tell the whole story and its real madrid alot of GK's could get those records playing for real madrid.

his overall performances when ive watched him seemed like hes got complacent mostly due to not being challenged as the best GK in the world.

i have not seen many world class saves come from him in recent years and a few major mistakes at the same time.