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Sir Alex Ferguson to retire this summer, Manchester United confirm


Sir Alex Ferguson will retire at the end of the season, Manchester United have confirmed in a statement. (Alex Ferguson, English Premier League, Manchester United)

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Sandmano  +   841d ago
This is going to open the way for Mourinho and Ronaldo to go to Man U.
Thefreeman012  +   841d ago
No thanks with mourinho. I don't want someone who will come in for 4 years and be done. Neither does united
Yi-Long  +   841d ago
End of an era. A very impressing and respectful era at that.
... my thoughts about 'the man' are mixed. He doesn't seem the most likable guy on the planet (HA!!!), but I'm sure he's also not the worst.

My thoughts about 'the trainer/coach' are simply full of respect. I don't agree with every choice or tactic, obviously, but there's no denying he's been a tremendous coach, and even though I'm not a Man Utd fan, he's been absolutely great for that club, and deserves all the respect he can (and will) get.

He's a legend.
NewMonday  +   841d ago
I'm a Liverpool fan but my heart sank with this news. the biggest personality in the PL for almost 25 years, like how Darth Vader is the biggest character in Star Wars.
GanjaMan  +   841d ago
naa mate mourinhos coming to arsenal, madrid and arsenal are apparently doing a managers swap at the end of the season, so basically we get jose and madrid get wenger. A straight up swap would benefit both teams as jose wants to leave and the board want wenger out so there doing a swap.
BlmThug  +   841d ago
Must be very good Ganja you're smoking
Kos-Mos  +   839d ago

And she/he`s off topic too.
KingPin  +   841d ago
it is an end of an era.
well done to sir alex on all of his achievements during his career. .
most successful manager in british history.
you will be missed by Manchester United fans around the world.
Wish you all the best.
buddymagoo  +   841d ago
asmith2306  +   841d ago
yeah, I was not expecting that. Although it probably is true that Moyes is the front runner given his talk about possibly leaving Everton all season. I'm sure Fergie is picky his successor. End of an era but I am excited to see what PL offers now without Fergie. MU will still be a force but it will make the title race more competitive for sure!
krazykombatant  +   841d ago
Throws the league wide open next season
cyberninja  +   841d ago
ninjagoat  +   841d ago
Don't want a big manager in his place. I want someone that has to earn his place just as Sir Alex did. David Moyes would be a good move for me tbh.

Has respect for the youth system and his players hasn't got big titles under his belt but has the appetite.

That's the type off person we should be looking at not people that are going to be all about the money.
Dungus  +   841d ago
I agree, and I imagine most people connected with Utd would too. It's why someone like Mourinho and his ego will never be Utd manager.
CptBach  +   841d ago
I'm a Chelsea fan and I do not see Mourinho at his place. Any Man U fan that wants Mourinho as manager at their club is retarded..

Mourinho is coming to Chelsea
Sahil  +   840d ago

Let Moyes go to United. Then we'll say..
Case Closed

and were you hiding in your cave, when liverpool had a legit goal disallowed at goodison.
vulcanproject  +   841d ago
Moyes was my choice, for several reasons.

Proven Premier League experience. Long term stability at a smaller club, without spending much money. Everton have overachieved under Moyes, compared to others. He hasn't won lots and he doesn't have much European experience. However every club above Everton in the league right now has spent big over the past 10 years, and a lot of clubs below them too....

Moyes has a good relationship with Ferguson his fellow countryman, known to be preferential and Ferguson knows he can work with him. Mourinho or Klopp etc may be less happy about Ferguson still walking the halls of Old Trafford. Moyes would accept it easier.

Moyes understands what Manchester United means. The history, and United's way as well as Ferguson's legacy. Mourinho would act bigger than the club, and Klopp would need to be "educated" in English football and what United actually means.

The really important thing here though, is stability. Mourinho or Klopp or anyone like that might do a great job, but be gone in 4 or 5 years.

Manchester United are unique, in that they recognise the value of stability in success.

Moyes has lasted 11 years at Everton, if it works, IF, he'll spend the rest of his career at United. He can stay 15-20 years.

Because there is that chance of long term stability, Moyes has to be given a chance, he has to be given a shot despite his limited European experience.

He deserves a shot at the big, big time, and I think he has every chance of success, with Ferguson just looking over his shoulder for a couple seasons.

There is no direct replacement for Ferguson. There is just the future. Moyes will know he has to grow into the role, which is no bad thing.

If he fails, then I see United on the management roundabout like most other clubs. Lets hope he doesn't fail.
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Pirates10i  +   841d ago
my heart says klopp but my head says Moyes. Moyes seems like the bland/boring choice of mediocrity

Not to say he isnt a great manager i just dont know how he will fit in. or if he is big enough to attract players
Sahil  +   840d ago
Hahahahaha.. Clueless.

Arsenal – P: 12 w: 0 D:3 L:9
Man Utd – P: 11 W: 0 D: 3 L:9
Chelsea – P: 11 W: 0 D: 6 L: 5
Liverpool – P: 11 W: 0 D: 6 L: 5
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Computersaysno  +   840d ago
Liverpool fans disses Moyes credentials.

Look at Liverpool spending the past 5 years. Look at Everton.

Now look at the league table. Case closed.

Everton are just 7 points off a champions league spot after spending nothing for years. They also should have beaten Liverpool last weekend as a perfectly legit goal was ruled out.

Liverpool are going to finish below Everton once again after spending a fortune. If Moyes had that 150m to spend and the wage budget Liverpool have past few years Everton would challenging for a champions league spot.
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buddymagoo  +   841d ago
Very strange but over the last few hours my standards have completley dropped. I'd be happy for us to finish in the top half now. Is this how Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs fans feel?
Sandmano  +   841d ago
Being humble would be nice.
Pirates10i  +   841d ago
Indeed, this day has felt somewhat surreal. Its one of those things we know will happen soon, just not so soon. He's a true legend and the face of Man United. I have faith that the next manager will bring 1st or 2nd still.

- I hope that he doesnt have some underlying health problems besides the hip surgery.

- Whats gonna happen to the team now that he's gone? Will rooney stay? what about all the transfers Fergie was talking up earlier this past week?

Lots of questions are left to be answered
goku32359  +   841d ago
"Sir Alex Ferguson:
26 Years
13 Premier League Titles
10 Community Shields
5 FA Cups
4 League Cups
2 European Cups
1 Piece of Chewing Gum"

nix  +   841d ago
i heard David Webb is confused which team to join now.
mynameisq  +   841d ago
@Nix- Really? Cause I heard Howard Webb changed his name to David.
Fergie is a legend simple as, the hardest thing in football is to rebuild a team, Mourinho has never done it, Rafa hasn't, even Pep left Barca before their cycle of dominance was truly over. His win percentage in the prem is 2nd only to Mou (who started off with unlimited money and a Chelsea team who was already top 4) Fergie took over from 2nd last position and created this massive club. Pure genius, to those saying only 2 champions leagues- since he's been manager only Barca have won it 3 times, he hasn't hopped teams or gone to clubs that were super rich (like some managers). Legend, even if you hate him atleast he gave you something to talk about!
BlmThug  +   841d ago
He is an absolute legend :'(
jak3y13oy  +   841d ago
Has been and always will be Uniteds greatest legend!
zeddy  +   841d ago
i hope his successor gets the same amount of time he did. i dont know about david moyes though, sure he's done a decent job with everton but has he won any trophies? nope. i hope its either mourinho or klopp. but even still its going to be weird without him in the dugout. we need to invest in the summer, fergie was so good he managed to get good performances out of average players and i dont know if another manager could do the same.

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