Sir Alex Ferguson to retire this summer, Manchester United confirm


Sir Alex Ferguson will retire at the end of the season, Manchester United have confirmed in a statement.

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Sandmano1513d ago

This is going to open the way for Mourinho and Ronaldo to go to Man U.

Thefreeman0121512d ago

No thanks with mourinho. I don't want someone who will come in for 4 years and be done. Neither does united

Yi-Long1512d ago

... my thoughts about 'the man' are mixed. He doesn't seem the most likable guy on the planet (HA!!!), but I'm sure he's also not the worst.

My thoughts about 'the trainer/coach' are simply full of respect. I don't agree with every choice or tactic, obviously, but there's no denying he's been a tremendous coach, and even though I'm not a Man Utd fan, he's been absolutely great for that club, and deserves all the respect he can (and will) get.

He's a legend.

NewMonday1512d ago

I'm a Liverpool fan but my heart sank with this news. the biggest personality in the PL for almost 25 years, like how Darth Vader is the biggest character in Star Wars.

GanjaMan1512d ago

naa mate mourinhos coming to arsenal, madrid and arsenal are apparently doing a managers swap at the end of the season, so basically we get jose and madrid get wenger. A straight up swap would benefit both teams as jose wants to leave and the board want wenger out so there doing a swap.

BlmThug1512d ago

Must be very good Ganja you're smoking

Kos-Mos1511d ago


And she/he`s off topic too.

KingPin1513d ago

it is an end of an era.
well done to sir alex on all of his achievements during his career. .
most successful manager in british history.
you will be missed by Manchester United fans around the world.
Wish you all the best.

asmith23061512d ago

yeah, I was not expecting that. Although it probably is true that Moyes is the front runner given his talk about possibly leaving Everton all season. I'm sure Fergie is picky his successor. End of an era but I am excited to see what PL offers now without Fergie. MU will still be a force but it will make the title race more competitive for sure!

krazykombatant1512d ago

Throws the league wide open next season

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The story is too old to be commented.