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Jose Mourinho: "No Messi, No Glory."

Jose Mourinho has hit out again, this time at Barcelona's number 8 Andres Iniesta. Mourinho believes Barcelona's champions league exit against Bayern Munich proves that the Catalan side is nothing without their star player Leonel Messi there to save the day.

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goku323591749d ago

What is it with Mourinho these past 2 or so weeks? He's been saying some very controversial things, and he doesn't seem to care one bit haha

krazykombatant1749d ago

I think the man is trying to start a fire the likes the north has never seen!!

LOL had to make the GoT joke.

On topic: the man is just pushing his way out to go coach your wonderful team at chelsea :P

Sandmano1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

He's not going out quietly that's for sure!

HxCGamer1749d ago

game of thrones is the best!! team targaryen

Sandmano1749d ago

Still need to watch that show only hear good things about it.

goku323591749d ago

+1 for the GoT joke, can't wait for Sunday night.

I really do hope he's coming to Chelsea, but it doesn't seem like it will be on nice terms with Madrid. Who would you like in his place?

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