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Highlights: Wigan 1-0 Manchester City (FA CUP Final- 11/05/2013)

Ben Watson 90'

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Sandmano1868d ago

That was soooo lucky I cant believe it.

buddymagoo1868d ago

Wigan played thier hearts out and deserved it!

abzdine1867d ago

Manchester Shitty :D

@Sandmano: do you know anything about football?

zeddy1868d ago

lucky you're talking nonsense. wigan deserved it even before zabaleta got sent off.

xX_Altair_Xx1868d ago

Don't think luck had anything to do with it - Wigan outplayed them, and city thought they could jus turn up and win.

looks like Mancinci's finished - £300M transfer budget wasnt enough!

Sandmano1868d ago

Goal from a Cornerin the last minutes I think it was lucky. They hardly saw Joe Hart in the 2nd Half.

zeddy1868d ago

a team worth millions cant score a single goal against a team which will be relegated. its not like wigans keeper was making save after save. city were terrible and deserved to lose.

b163o11868d ago

Lol that same team has beaten United at OT for two years running. Oh and were worth billions player…

ProjectVulcan1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Rubbish. Wigan fully deserved their win, NO argument with the City red, City were poor and the ref bottled a potential Wigan pen near the end as well!

Mcmanaman ripped City to shreds constantly and was the best player on the park. his running forced the red and the corner from which the goal came. He couldn't have been on the losing side he didn't deserve it. He had a dream final. All these big expensive City names fell flat on their faces, but he shone.

Well done Wigan- FULLY DESERVED.

The FA cup is still truly magical when it wants to be.

BlmThug1868d ago

Man City came fourth in the group stages of the champions league x'D also, 'billions' and no trophy this season

b163o11868d ago


I for one am glad we've struggled in the CL, I've always hated Mancini and our quick exit give us another reason to sack him. We're guaranteed CL next season, finished either first or second the last 3 seasons, and struggled with injury this season.

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Pirates10i1868d ago

Magic! hahaha great stuff

Nes_Daze1868d ago

Shame, best of luck to City next year...

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