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Klopp: Bayern won't beat us like they beat Juve & Barca

The Borussia Dortmund boss is adamant that his side will put up a better fight that the Italian and Spanish giants in the Champions League final

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Sandmano1809d ago

I like this guy he's entertaining .

Diffraction_Fos1809d ago

We shall see, won't we? In a CL final, nothing is truly set in stone.

Sandmano1809d ago

I want Dortmund to win although I have no problem with Bayern because after the last two seasons They deserve it.

krazykombatant1808d ago

Too bad I think Bayern will run away with it this year.

chukamachine1807d ago

I think Dortmund will win it.

KingPin1807d ago

this final is 50/50.
both teams beat big teams to make it here.
dortmund has the tougher competition from the start being in the group of champions.
whoever wins it, it will be deserved. on condition there is no drama during the game <red cards, ghost goals, offside goals etc>