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Submitted by wantedboys 927d ago | highlight

Highlights: Benfica 1 : 2 Chelsea (UEFA Europa League Final 15/05/2013)

Fernando Torres (60) 0-1
Oscar Cardozo penalty (68) 1-1
Ivanovic (90+2) 1-2 (Benfica, Chelsea, UEFA Europa League)

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wantedboys  +   927d ago
congrats to Chelsea Fans
asmith2306  +   927d ago
Delighted for Benitez. He can leave with his head held high after all the abuse he took from the so called fans.
RGB  +   927d ago
At least they got 1... out of the possible 7 whilst spending £82.5 million on players.

Another European trophy Chelsea have robbed, worse team again but still won it... sad.

Unlucky Benfica!

No card for the handball? okay!
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asmith2306  +   927d ago
I'm not a Chelsea fan what so ever but credit where credit is due. The ref didn't give cards for a lot of incidents tonight. And as for the money, Alex Ferguson spent hundreds of millions throughout the years at Utd and only won two Champions League titles. It's not easy even for great managers to win in Europe regardless of money.

Unlucky Benfica? Maybe they shouldn't have been blazing shots over the bar all night. Lovely passing but their finishing was muck. Cech made one great save, that was it. They scored one goal, a penalty, and conceded two from bad defending. So unlucky! Please give me a bucket before you comment again!
goku32359  +   927d ago
I LOVE this comment. Yes benfica had more shots, but like half of them were from 30 or 40 yards out! When Ivanovic scored the header, that wasn't luck, it was really bad defending from Benfica's part. I mean there 3 benfica players around Ivanovic, but none of them even went for the ball, Ivanovic was the only one that jumped!
RGB  +   927d ago
Also forgetting a dubious offside decision which would of put Benfica into the lead. Looked clearly on.
wantedboys  +   927d ago
Come on it is not Chelsea Fault that Benfica did not Score from the chances they have

Final Score is the important in football not how good team is playing, Possession or chances they have score more goals wins you trophies
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silvacrest  +   927d ago
give credit where credit is due, yes benifica where better most of the game but chelsea went into second gear at half time

no one was robbed but as usual there are cry babies going off even though they dont even support the alleged "robbed" team

giving cards has always been on the whim of a ref...nothing has changed

we all no money does not secure success, why even bring this up?
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lugia 4000  +   927d ago
And luck, again.
goku32359  +   927d ago
Benfica were so much better than us in the first half, luckily their finishing was sub-par. Some might say it was undeserved, but the fact is, Benfica didn't "deserve" it either. You don't "deserve" a goal, you either get one or you don't. Chelsea got the goals, Benfica didn't...

Anyways, congrats Benitez. As the season (with benitez at the helm) went on and on, the team gelled together better and we are definitely finishing it on a high.
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doncorleone  +   927d ago
Maybe it wasn't undeserved if we go by your logic, but Benfica were the better team and history is sadly only going to remember Chelsea as the winners...anyway congrats to Chelsea
Sandmano  +   927d ago
Feel bad for Benfica that last goal, what luck! Just like with Bayern in the CL.
doncorleone  +   927d ago
Absolutely disgusted for benfica and their fans, losing 2 cups in 5 days at the last minute, even by playing so well...Lack of luck and the opposing team had plenty...
sevilha82  +   926d ago
they didn´t lose a cup in portugal they lost the first place to Porto in Porto Home with only one game to play so practtly losing the championship.

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silvacrest  +   927d ago
its obvious that benfica played better, had much more chances etc...

but they did not score, so many chances wasted, is that luck or just benifica being wasteful and proving again that they dont have form for championship games?

my opinion is its luck + benifica not doing enough

anyway, congrats to chelsea for winning another title and making history
zeddy  +   927d ago
lol at john terry lifting another trophey not having played in the final. thats twice now.
Kos-Mos  +   927d ago
Congrats on the Disney cup.
FlunkinMonkey  +   926d ago
These silly comments are getting really old.. You don't win 2 european trophys out of 'luck'. get a grip.. last goal was definitely not supposed 'luck' either. ridiculous.

Love the comments about how much chelsea millions.. lots of european teams have spent millions upon millions without winning anything..

Unlucky Benfica, losing 2 trophies in 2 crazy circumstances must be depressing.. They played the better game yesterday, but squandered multiple chances with ridiculous 30 yard shots and no complacency.
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silvacrest  +   926d ago
agreed, the haters are just mad because yet again chelsea have won a trophy while other clubs who spend more or less win absolutely nothing
mmj  +   926d ago
There are too many spoilt kids nowadays who think that the only respectable way to win a trophy is having 70% possession playing tika-taka.

Parking the bus, long ball, it doesn't matter to me whoever scored more goals won the tactical battle and are worthy winners. You don't see generals on a battlefield ordering their troops to fight like ballet dancers, it's whatever it takes to win no matter how ugly. Just because one army decided to fight like ballet dancers doesn't mean that everyone else has to.
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