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Mario Balotelli Walk off and you will be sent off Italian refs chief warns Balotelli

MARIO BALOTELLI has been told he will be SENT OFF if he leaves the field in protest over racist chanting.

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Sandmano1800d ago

This is getting interesting.

Diffraction_Fos1800d ago

Wouldn't that be effectively the same thing? Because either way, he'll be punished by the Italian football authorities, wouldn't he?

Sandmano1800d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing

Grap1799d ago

so u can't stop these shameful chants and u r going to punish who protest against it. what a dumb league they have.

Theo11301799d ago

I'm pretty sure that would happen in any league.

Kos-Mos1798d ago

How about protesting each time the crowd shouts insulting words to you? Racism is bad, insulting other people is bad.

pompombrum1798d ago

Walk off.. no ref with half a brain would have the balls to send a black player off for protesting about being racially abused.. that would be HUGE news and create a huge media sh!tstorm.

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