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FC Barcelona 13/14 Home + Away Kits Released

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Home and Away Kits released. Barcelona 13-14 Kits are made by Nike and sponsored by Qatar Airways, the first commercial shirt sponsor in the club's history. Unicef remains at the bottom of the back of the Barcelona 2013-14 Shirts.

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SactoGamer1857d ago

I've yet to find a soccer uniform that isn't ugly to some degree.

krazykombatant1858d ago

Ill have some mustard and ketchup with my hot dog please.

Diffraction_Fos1858d ago

Home kit looks like Stoke City's away kit.
Away kit looks UGH

Anyway, still looks a hundred times better than Liverpool's away and 3rd kit. Those two kits make me wanna beat up somebody.

Nes_Daze1857d ago

If you actually looked at a flag for once you would know why they picked those colors. It's not appealing to the eye, but it's def. better than last year's away kit. I still think Barca's home kit is one of the most beautiful out there, along with Milan's.

asmith23061856d ago

Away kit looks better in the close ups than the shot of the players.

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