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Lewandowski: Ronaldo can keep his golden boot, I want the trophy!

The Poland striker prefers team glory to individual adulation and refuses to discuss his future beyond the end of the season until after Saturday's Champions League final

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Sandmano1824d ago

LOL I hope Dortmund win they deserve it.

KingPin1823d ago

and now he has neither.
and they say ronaldo is arrogant lol

Diffraction_Fos1818d ago

He IS arrogant. Lewandowski being a little s**t doesn't change that fact.

KingPin1818d ago

Ronaldo is confident. he has every right to be, he is one of the 2 best players on the planet.

Balotelli on the other hand is the definition of arrogant. he goes on like he has more talent than CR7 & Messi combined.

as for Lewandowski behaviour, its being arrogant before final. but then again, it depends on the tone it was said in.

Sandmano1823d ago

Thats why I believe players should not talk to the press before these big games.