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Cruyff: I would sell Messi now Barcelona have Neymar

The Netherlands legend believes the Catalans should think about selling their star player now they have secured the services of the Brazilian

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ninjagoat1818d ago

Can't see there being any issues tbh. Ronaldinho and Messi got along fine didn't they. Cruyff is just sh*t stirring tbh.

KingPin1818d ago

why in the world would barca let go of messi ever.
its a different story if messi was unhappy at the club or the club was unstable or even the club wanting to get rid of him due to poor performances. but none of this is happening or will happen even when neymar comes in.

asmith23061818d ago

The only reason to let go of Messi is if he wants out. Other than that, why would you get rid of one of the best players of all time?? Especially considering he is only 26.

Modi19841818d ago

go home Cruyff ur drunk

MestreRothN4G1818d ago

Neymar has the brains to be a third reserve at Barcelona.

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