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Costa Rican clubs trade player for 50 balls

Roger Fallas' contract was close to expiring, so Puma's technical director only demanded training ground equipment for him to join the newly-promoted first division side (Other Leagues)

Sandmano  +   527d ago
Lol I cant help but laugh!
FRAKISTAN  +   525d ago
Beats the money hungry clubs of the world
360ICE  +   525d ago
Yeah, but people who are hungry for balls usually go to San Fra... No, Ice. Don't.
Koyes  +   525d ago
Man City would have paid £13 Million for him
--Onilink--  +   525d ago
lol, im from Costa Rica and yeah... this totally happened. It was a 2nd Division club.

What happens here is that most clubs sign contracts for a year or 2. So they usually just wait until contracts expire and not pay anything.

Its practically unheard of one club paying another one for a player, they usually just do trades
Tzuno  +   525d ago
cell989  +   525d ago
is this slavery?
Grap  +   525d ago
50$ and i would make a team in Costa Rica

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