Highlights: Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona (Uli Hoeneß Cup 2013 - 24/07/13)

1-0 P. Lahm 14'

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Spontogical1344d ago

lol bayern know how to handle barca...

Tzuno1343d ago

lol the germans kick barca ass so nasty.

Nes_Daze1343d ago

For now, barca was "handling" madrid for almost 2 seasons, they achieved three trophies in one season, and look at them now.

Nes_Daze1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Friendly, and just so that the ignorant kids above know, Barca didn't take their full team, which is irrelevant either way because this was pretty much a friendly. Still, I don't think Barca would beat Bayern later on in the UCL this upcoming season, Bayern is the best team in the world right now just like Barca was before them, it's gonna take a lot to dethrone them.