Rooney fears fan backlash as Manchester United exit push gathers pace

The striker feels he has no way back with the United supporters and remains determined to push through a transfer to Chelsea before the transfer window closes

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b163o11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Almost like last year when a mob show up at his front gate when word had reached that he'd handed in a transfer request. Glad to see him moving on..

fOrlOnhOpe571475d ago

Can't really judge him until all the facts are known - whether it's his agenda or the club's.
One thing is sure, he's been a great player for the club (albeit a well-paid one) and in more than one game, been a one-man team when United have struggled.
Personally, I hope he stays but should he leave, then to a European side.

krazykombatant1475d ago

Fans are a joke, you have a great player give your team great results, and when he gets tired of playing second-fiddle and reduced playtime yeah i'd want to leave as well.