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Highlights: Cardiff City 3-2 Manchester City (English Premier League - 25/08/13)

[0-1] - E. Dzeko - [52']
[1-1] - A. Gunnarsson - [60']
[2-1] - F. Campbell - [79']
[3-1] - F. Campbell - [87']
[3-2] - A. Negredo - [90'+2']

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b163o11733d ago

Lol, haven't beat this team since 1999 when we both where in the 2nd division. There a thorn in our side we can't get rid of..

no_more_heroes1733d ago

More than a little surprised by this result.

Is Cardiff gonna be "that team" this season?

silvacrest1733d ago

you mean swansea? they would do well to be that successful this season

Kos-Mos1733d ago

What a game! Cardiff fought like city never have.

Corepred41733d ago

Short memory you have there.

mcstorm1733d ago

I have said since the last signing city made they are not as strong as people are making out and its there back 4 and keeper that will let them down this year. Hart is over rated because he is English but he is and has made to many mistakes over the last 12 months and with out kompany at the back they look weak.

I Stull think they are a top 3 side but its between united and Chelsea for the league this season unless city decide to bring in a keeper and Defender to makeup at the back.

ProjectVulcan1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

They simply underestimated Cardiff, and missed Nastasic as well as Kompany. That would make most teams vulnerable missing their first choice centre backs.

Lescott/Garcia was a very poor defensive partnership and Pellegrini will not play it again if he knows whats good for him

mcstorm1733d ago

This is citys issue though they don't have good cover. The biggest issue is Hart though but because he is English he will not get the stick. He is supposed to be one of the best keepers in the world but he is far from it and he is becoming another David james in my eyes on his day a very good keeper but makes mistakes when he should not.

windblowsagain1733d ago


Well done cardiff.

Hopefully chelsea and man u will be a draw.

silvacrest1733d ago

im a chelsea fan but wouldn't be mad at that result

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