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Man Utd sign Fellaini from Everton

The reigning Premier League champions have made their first significant purchase of the window, bringing the 25-year-old midfielder to the club. (English Premier League, Everton, Manchester United, Marouane Fellaini, Transfers)

jak3y13oy  +   447d ago
Leave your first signing of the window for the last few seconds of the window :L

Better late than never though!

TotalHitman  +   447d ago
I'm happy with Fellaini signing. He brings a physical presence that Utd have been missing for a number of years. We could have used Fellaini in the Liverpool game, he would have put a spanner in the works for their midfield. He'll tackle and he'll win headers.

Also, Coentrao! That was unexpected. Even if it is a loan.
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Pirates10i  +   447d ago
Sorry Jakey I would have rather saved the cash for the next window... What a waste . If he isn't bringing anything special to the table, what's the point... At just under 30 mill we could have picked up someone way better .
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Nightfallen  +   447d ago
I think you should wait and see of what he really has to offer. Well, 27m is way over-priced but he has a really big physical presence like TotalHitman said. He's also a huge aerial threat when it comes to set-pieces. As an Arsenal fan, I did want him as he's a very good CDM, and maybe he'll be just what United needs.
jak3y13oy  +   447d ago
heck we could of got him for 24mil at most in July, i don't believe he's worth the £27m fee but players prices have rose, evidence is in this transfer window :L
vulcanproject  +   447d ago
Disappointing I have to say.

Fumbled all summer, now overpaid by about 4m for Fellaini because of the unbelievable mess up. Even though he is now a United player, I doubt United fans are going to be happy with the way the club has flopped about like a dying fish in the transfer window.

Every other top club in the league has done better deals. City have bought well, and early. Chelsea have strengthened a fair bit. Arsenal need more players, but Ozil is easily the buy of the summer in England. Spurs have lost Bale but bought big, and class. Liverpool have brought in some extra quality that improves them no end, Sakho being a very good buy today. Even Everton losing Fellaini have had a cracking day, kept Baines, got Mccarthy, Barry and Lukaku which are all superb deals for their club.

Going back to Fellaini he'll improve the side somewhat but I seriously doubt he'll reach the top class that other names linked to United have done. He has been inconsistent before and can be a liability in bad tempered matches.

Struggling to be positive here, but this last minute deal reeks of panic buying. If it wasn't, he would have been bought for his release fee a month ago........
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crazyturkey  +   447d ago
Need Rooney to get his head straight to be the AM United need or Bench him and give Kagawa a go maybe?

About Fellaini I would've welcome him at Arsenal as a CDM since maybe he could bully physical teams, but yeah that price is high.
By the way who is he replacing? Whats the need for him? United need an AM and someone to push Evra a little.
Pirates10i  +   447d ago
Disappointing to say the lease, Fellaini is an above average player ... Not top class. Other clubs have strengthened with younger and much higher quality talent while we look stupid with thumbs up our butts buying moyes old hit squad
freeduck  +   447d ago
This is a great signing. Now Moyes can instruct Rio to long ball pass to Fellaini.
asmith2306  +   447d ago
I really don't get this transfer. Utd should have done what arsenal did and splashed some considerable cash for someone better. Looks like panic to me.
ninjagoat  +   447d ago
Hes one ugly mofo :/.
windblowsagain  +   447d ago
Most of man u are.
vivid83  +   447d ago
too expensive
ghoh1  +   446d ago
just to put in perspective, isco cost less, or they could just add 10 mil and get mesut Fucking ozil.
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