How Arsenal & Real Madrid outwitted Tottenham to seal Ozil deal


With the Spanish giants frustrated at Spurs' delays on finalising the Gareth Bale transfer, they colluded with the Gunners to lay the foundation for the German's £40 million move.

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no_more_heroes1445d ago

Saw this comment in the link:

"Arsenal - Gervinho to Roma

Roma - Lamela to Spurs

Spurs - Bale to RM

RM - Ozil to Arsenal."

crazyturkey1445d ago

Lol theres no way in hell that Ozil would have landed in England without any media noticing.

windblowsagain1444d ago

Challenging for the title again ARSENAL.

Computersaysno1443d ago

One player makin ya title challengers huh? Dont think so somehow.

Arsenal finished 16 points behind the leaders last season, obv you need more than one new player