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Submitted by jak3y13oy 886d ago | news

Manchester United to launch internal inquest into summer transfer failures

Manager David Moyes and assistant vice chairman will conduct a special review of the club's failures during the window, with Marouane Fellaini the club's only significant signing (David Moyes, English Premier League, Manchester United, Transfers)

asmith2306  +   886d ago
Unfortunately the ridiculous fee bale was tied to all summer gave every other transfer something to be compared against and then utd simply didn't splash the cash. When they did they overshot the mark by 4m on a player who in my opinion is no where near worth that amount. All summer they held out so long negotiating with other clubs for a cheaper deal that patience broke down potential transfers. They should have bit the bullet like arsenal did and got their targets. I predict a long and unusually painful season for utd.
KingPin  +   886d ago
well said buddy.

hopefully the jan transfer window will be more successful for united.
though i doubt it coz the bale fee just escalated the price of average players by a good 5 million at least.
Grap  +   885d ago
the only player worth his transfer money i think is ozil, arsenal really nailed it
badz149  +   885d ago
I think Ozil too is overpriced. yeah, he's 25 but I do feel that Real just wanted to cash in on him after splashing 100mil on Bale, which I think is WAAYYY overpriced!

50mil for Bale is tolerable but 100mil? how many Ballon D'or has he won again? NONE! has he played in the world cup? NO. has he ever got any golden boots? NO. 1 good season and he's worth 100mil? what a joke but Hotspur is kinda smart while Real is dumb for paying 100m for 1 player!
crazyturkey  +   886d ago
I wonder if Man. United had the funds to sign a couple of 40mill players without including salaries. United may have been looking to buy expensive players but wanted them to take pay cuts to help balance the money at the club with FFP laws in mind. Most players would never accept that no matter how big the club is. Or Moyes cant attract them like Ferguson.
Is just fuk!ng weird that Man. United could not secure a class player(This coming from an Arsenal fan) that they obviously needed and ended up with just Fellaini. It sends the message that they will not compete with City and Chelsea at least in the market at all. As for the winter market, United better be willing to overpay for any player they may want to buy especially if it looks like they are desperate for him.
aiBreeze  +   886d ago
An inquest done by the two losers responsible.. well that makes about as much logical sense as buying Fellaini for 27.5m
Computersaysno  +   886d ago
Pretty sure it's the CEO responsible. It would never have happened with David Gill there. Ed Deadwood has zero experience running a clubs transfers and zero footballing contacts. Just look at the business Spurs did and largely I would put it down to the men who make them happen like Baldini
mcstorm  +   885d ago
I agree but what people need to remember is that its new people in 2 of the biggest roles of the club and even though I wanted some big names to come in its nice to see we got Rooney sorted out in the end and one thing Mayes had to do was keep the majority of the squad from last season and not make big changes like Chelsea and city have done as this would put united a step back.

I also think moyes needs a season in the job to see what he thinks of players before he shows them the door. What people need to remember is Moyes will have different ways to SAF in how he treats players and ask them to play in some different ways and this could make some of the players like Nani become the players they should be.

United fans have been spoilt for 20+ years and need to give the new manager and staff to settle in and also remember it took SAF 4 years before he won his 1st cup.

If we don't win anything this year its not a disaster as long as we finish in the top 3 and are not a million points behind the winners it will of been a good season for Moyes 1st season in charge and he can then look at where he need to look at brining players in to replace the ones who were not good enough for his team.
Koyes  +   886d ago
Woodward should be taken to the back and shot like a stray dog
TotalHitman  +   886d ago
Exactly! No inquest needed. Get Ed Woodward back. Maybe bring in a director of football like other clubs.
Koyes  +   886d ago
You mean, get David Gill back
TotalHitman  +   885d ago
Lol! Bad mistake. No, I meant get Woodward out! David Gill has moved on, although I would like him back, I'm sure he wanted to do something new and good luck to him.

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