Cristiano Ronaldo Agrees Contract Extension

Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed an extension to his contract with Real Madrid, the La Liga giants have confirmed.

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krazykombatant1378d ago

but- but he's coming back to ManU.

RGB1378d ago

That shut United fans up! Staying till 2018!

listenkids1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Like when he stayed at United for 5 years after signing a new contract in 2006? Oh, that didn't happen because we sold him. Things happen, he could end up at Monaco at 31 for all we know.

KingPin1377d ago

wow...that money is crazy. but on a player like CR7 its worth it. no doubt.

asmith23061377d ago

You satisfied he ain't ever coming back now ;)

KingPin1377d ago

haha never made a difference to me.
il be heart-sore the day he retires. lol