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Submitted by Sahil 870d ago | highlight

Highlights: Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United (English Premier League - 22/09/13)

16' 1-0 Agüero
45' 2-0 Yaya Touré
47' 3-0 Agüero
50' 4-0 Nasri
87' 4-1 Wayne Rooney (English Premier League, Manchester City, Manchester United)

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asmith2306  +   870d ago
Said it after the CL game in midweek, the real test is on Sunday. Test failed. I still think Ferguson was the reason for Utds good campaign last year, along with other top teams being unusually inconsistent. Apart from Rooney and RVP, Utd's squad is very ordinary. I don't see any others in the squad apart from them who a big team would want to sign.
badz149  +   870d ago
United needs defenders! Ferdinand and Vidic are just shadows of their past, Smalling is a slowpoke and Evra is more a wing back than defender! 3 of 4 City goals are from unmarked position thus easy tap ins. WTH was that?

once again, the midfielders are lifeless except maybe Valencia. poor Rooney, it's like he was the only one City defenders were focusing on while the others are useless! I'm looking at YOU, Young and Welbeck!

Felaini lost possessions too many times, it's like he was playing with 1 eye closed and Welbeck...when will you learn that individual skills mean jack shit if you can't pull the off 8 out of 10 times you tried??

Nani and Hernandez are the better startup than Young and Welbeck. although RVP's absence was a huge downer, Rooney was more than made up for it if not for incompetent showings by others! Moyes seriously needs to step up big time! eventless draw against Chealsea and loosing to Liverpool and City, you can't win the EPL like this!
KingPin  +   869d ago
yeah, i wasn't impressed after the CL match either. i knew the mistakes we made in that match would easily be punished by a big team (city/madrid/barca/juve). this is proof of that. united wont be going far in the CL either. this team is far from united quality of the past.
b163o1  +   870d ago
Ahhhh yes, domination is great. We need this type of play every game. Good game thou


Agüero's first goal was sweet
Dark11  +   870d ago
Ramsey's latest victim must have been David Moyes' soul...
zeddy  +   870d ago
all goals for aguero and nasri were totally unmarked. terrible defending.
Koyes  +   870d ago
Pathetic display by United :(
jak3y13oy  +   870d ago
Disappointing result,

but hey, football's football, stick with Moyes' boys!
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Pirates10i  +   870d ago
What an awful game... Smalling bad, Vidic/Ferdinand bad, Young Bad, Fellani and Carrick below average... they let city trample all over them
MadSientist89  +   870d ago
united sucked today
listenkids  +   870d ago
What a poor performance from United, Rooney seemed to be the only one playing. Why is Young making first team? He needs replacing, at least Valencia is trying, hell I'd even take Nani. Alas, we miss real creative play and lacked strong attacking with RVP.

Early days though, we've come back from an 8 loss start, let's pick it up Moyes.

mcstorm  +   870d ago
I agree it is far from over but tbh I will be happy if we finish in the top 3 this season and have a good cup run in the capital one or fa cup and make it to at least the last 16 in the champions league.

People need to remember moyes needs time to find out which players will be able to play how he wants Unites to play and then in January and the summer he can look to ship out the players he dose not want and bring in who he wants.

For me I think we need to bring in a right back for cover when raf is out. We also needs a left wing player too unless Nani decides to play on the left. For me I think Mayes should of looked to keep the team and formation we played in the champions league in mid week, but then again I was scratching my head when he took off young (which I think was right) but for Tom but once he was on the pitch we were the better team.

United fans need to remember we have been spoilt by having SAF for over 20 years in charge and he had games like this we even lost 6 1 a few seasons ago but we were still in the mix until the last kick of the ball that season.

Also people need to remember apart from the last 2 seasons united have been slow starters and with the teams we have played in our 1st 5 games and 2 of our main rivals in city and Liverpool away ill take 7 points as we also have a new manager.

Lets get behind and support Moyes as he will do well with united once he has his players worked out.
mynameisq  +   869d ago
Rooney on this form should be playing up front on his own with Kagawa behind him and Nani should be in the team because he's miles better than both Valencia and Young put together, the only reason they make the team is because they work hard and track back yet yesterday they wouldn't even do that. I think the two wingers lost Man Utd the match, every time they received it they just turned around and passed back. Only Vidic, Evra and Rooney come out with any credit and that's saying something when you concede four goals.
Mr-SellJack  +   869d ago
no love 4 Shinji Kagawa from MU,i hope they fall down hard!
ninjagoat  +   869d ago
Lineup was completely wrong in the midfield for me. Should have been Nani-Kagawa-Carrick-Valencia.

We should be playing Attacking minded for me Fellaini just doesn't fit hes a mid table player and hats it. Can't see nothing more than that in him.

We should never have been ballzin about like that in the summer. There's plenty off quality in this would with out it always having to be marque signings.

But there's a such thing as scouting the right style off players Fellaini isn't that player.

Then when it finally comes to subs we have Giggsy up there with a tactics board doing Moyes job for him i get i can't go judging Moyes on his first season in.

I'm just not happy atm Changes needed to be Young for Nani and Fellaini for Kagawa.

There simple changes and they are attacking changes for me Fellaini is to defensive minded and hasn't got much flare.
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