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Cristiano Ronaldo begs police to drop charges against hugging pitch invader

Metro - Cristiano Ronaldo has written to the Miami police this week to urge them to drop charges against a teenager who hugged him in pre-season.

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KingPin1727d ago

this guys punishment is waaaayyy too harsh for the crime.
yes pitch invading should be punished but they acting like he killed someone. a fine is sufficient.

lets hope CR7 can convince them to leave him alone.

ninjagoat1727d ago

I'm not a fan of Ronaldo but hell its good to see him pitching in to help the kid. Like Kingpin said above punishment should match crime and this is excessive to the extremes imo.

You can see where the dangers are after that Tennis player was stabbed them years back by that crazy from the crowd. But this kid was genuine and just a bit excited ;).