Player Ratings: Arsenal 4-1 Norwich

The Gunners stay top in the Premier League as they hit Canaries for four with stunning goals from Aaron Ramsey & Jack Wilshere, as Mesut Ozil opens his league account with a double

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imtiyaz61404d ago

Is everyone dead? How come no one posted any highlights this week?

imtiyaz61404d ago

That was some sick link-up between Giroud and Wilshere for the first goal

krazykombatant1404d ago

I've been lacking any contribution due to being in my last year of uni so I barely get a chance to even come in here and comment. But it was International week usually it's pretty quiet.

no_more_heroes1403d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I could finish uni next semester, so it's the final sprint for me. This is the first time in almost a week I'm even coming to this site.

It's definitely not intentional, though. If I had the time, I would absolutely compete in this month's contest, even if I can't draw that well lol!

KingPin1403d ago

united are struggling, madrid lackluster, messi had a poor weekend as well. the fans are all hiding in their holes. lol

MaximusPrime_1403d ago

I closed my account a year ago due lack of time and annoyed by some kids flame bait comments on n4g. Reopened under same name but added _. I've been quiet lately. Had no time to contribute 11x2 or N4G.

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asmith23061404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

That first goal by Wilshere was insane.

redknight801404d ago

Yeah the passing for that goal was truly beautiful! Every single goal of Arsenal today made me smile so much and admire its beauty. Great passes, great runs off the ball and great teamwork...unreal stuff from Arsenal as of late!

no_more_heroes1403d ago

Was able to watch most of this match this weekend, and I'm so happy I did. Five quality goals, even from Norwich!

The scoreline does flatter us a little bit, but we definitely deserved the win. If we can keep playing like this, or even close to this for a good chunk more of the season, we can definitely challenge. I won't get ahead of myself and say we'll win it, but we can definitely be up there come May.