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Why are Xavi, Pirlo & Mourinho nominated? The Ballon d’Or is decided on reputation - Fifa released their shortlists for the 2013 edition on Tuesday, and unsurprisingly there were some glaring omissions and unfair inclusions

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Angerfist1634d ago

Oh really? I never thouught of that /s

Messi for example is a great Player but winning 4 times in a row is just not fair for Players who won Champions Leagues or World Cups.

My Hopes are ceertainly on Ribery, but im not sure if Blatter gets Messi a 5th Ballon Dor

Nes_Daze1633d ago

Sniejder isn't better than Messi, BUT Sniejder did deserve it that one year, the other 3 Messi deserves imo. I hope Ribery gets it this time, only because Messi and Ronaldo did nothing special last season. If Messi gets injured once more this season, and Ronaldo keeps up his good form, no doubt he should get his second soon.

KingPin1633d ago

Well now that Blatter let the secret out that he likes messi, he cant give it to him again. its too obvious. they have to disguise it and make it look fair again. since they have an anti-CR7 rule, my only guess is if CR7, messi and ribery are the options, Ribery will win although i dont think he deserves it over Schwienstieger and muller.