Lukaku considering Chelsea exit

The striker, on loan at Everton, says he has not heard from anyone at Stamford Bridge in a couple of months and has to do what is best for his career

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Computersaysno1574d ago

Top class striker will develop into a world class one in a few years, still only 20!

Spiewie 1574d ago

Yeah he's only going to get better! he gets plenty of time on the pitch in Everton great for his development.

yezz1574d ago

Do it! Sturridge got out and his career has been going up ever since..

Spiewie 1573d ago

Yeah Chelsea love to give away their best talents !

Why o why1573d ago

I wish the gooners would buy him...doubt chelsea would sell him to us after them blocking ba's move. He should only get better.

pompombrum1573d ago

Him at Arsenal with their midfield playing behind him would be very scary. Would be a fantastic move for him though, this is a team that made Adebayor look special after all.

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