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Ronaldinho targets World Cup spot The Atletico Mineiro attacker is hopeful that a run of good form will see him win coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's trust ahead of next summer's tournament.

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Spiewie 1421d ago

It would be great to see the legend in the world cup!

krazykombatant1421d ago

lol heck no. Out of shape and no discipline on his part. He just wants to tag along for the ride just incase brazil go on and win it he can say hes won 3 world cups.

Spiewie 1420d ago

He still deserves respect for the great matches he has played ! jus my opinion mate.

krazykombatant1420d ago

if he was still in shape yeah. The man just goes on parties and doesn't show up for practice back in brazil.

Spiewie 1420d ago

You do have a solid point. I guess you're right.