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Highlights: Manchester Utd 0:1 Newcastle Utd

Man Utd lose consecutive games in the league for the first time in more than a decade as Newcastle beat them 1-0.
(English Premier League - 07/12/2013)

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b163o11928d ago

HA, LMAO, seasons not looking good. Are we watching Utd fall from grace? When can we expect the Utd army to start a petition for SAF to come back? I for one love to see this, Utd have the cockiest fans, so it's good to see them in another light. LOL!!! Oh yea CTID!!! Champions League is out the window too. LMAO!!!

mcstorm1926d ago

LMAO I love city fans they seem to care more about how well united are doing than there own team. Let me ask you a question. How much has your squad cost and you are only 7 points above a United side that is so called falling from grace.

Its still early in the season and united were in the same position in 2001 and we pulled it back to get 3rd.

As I say its still too early to say who will be in the top 4 come the end of the season as at the moment there is only the gunners who are not dropping points like United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs ect.

b163o11925d ago

What a surprise, another reference to our money habits. To be honest Utd started watching us when they put up a banner depicting our last title was 44yrs ago, so kick rocks on that subject. You'll made up 7 points with SAF, not Moyes. With a team that was playing as one, that's not what I'm seeing on the pitch as of lately. As for my squad, all we need to do it play with the same passion as we do at home and we're gonna make to Top4 easy. United's fall from grace is true, I don't see them falling far, but they'll struggle to make Top6...but that just IMO

mcstorm1925d ago

Lol love how City fans try to turn thing there way. I grew up with a family all supporting city and its the same old same old with you lot.

TBH its football in general which is what makes the sport suck at times as people seem to want to talk about other teams more than there own.

I am and was not thinking at the start of the season United were going to win the league this year.

I said from the start Moyes 1st season is all about gaining experience and having a look at the squad not throwing out all the players and buying a new squad. So for me this season I want to see united finish in the top 4 which we still can and get to the last 16 of the champions league which we have and also go on a good cup run.

Next season is where we will start to see what type of football moyes wants to pay at united as he will start to bring in the players he wants.

listenkids1926d ago

"United have the cockiest fans" this is subjective to how you view everything from a different pov. I for one am humble regarding Manchester United and I'd never wish ill health on any team or fan, every team in the world has good and bad fans.

krazykombatant1927d ago

Glory Glory Man.........

Looks like that small club in the northeast beat the "biggest club in the world" as SAF put it last year HAHAHAHHAHA, this is worse than spurs!

KingPin1927d ago

didnt get to watch the match.
from the looks of it united played like shite.
guess even europa league looks like a struggle for now. keep this up any longer, moyes might be looking for a new job soon.

asmith23061927d ago

Newcastle put a good shift in, can't take it away from them. No midfielder tracked Cabaye for the goal though, it was a nice finish but terrible awareness, by Cleverly for the most part. He is useless if you ask me. Need Carrick back asap.

ProjectVulcan1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Moyes just needs time, and money. He will get both, this isn't City or Chelsea or Madrid here, United aren't going to throw him out after one season even if he only manages 5th or 6th.

Moyes deserves time and money, because he turned Everton from relegation fodder when he took over into a consistent top 8 side with literally no money whatsoever. It did take time though, he has to craft his own side at United.

No other top flight big club in all of europe has had to deal with this sort of upheaval, losing a manager after over a quarter of a century.

I would like to remind people the Sir Alex's final few words as manager was that the fans need to stand by the new manager, especially after only a few months, because he was also smart enough to realise it wouldn't be plain sailing.

I think if Moyes can win something, anything in his first season, a league cup even, it'll help a lot.

The_Klank1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Couldn't agree more.
It has been an awful start that I don't think anyone expected to be as bad but Moyes and the players need the fans to stick with them. Lots of agitated fans in the stands on Saturday (which is to be expected).

Things take time to change. Defence and Midfield need sorting.
As a side note, everyone in that current dressing room should be made to watch class of 92. Hopefully some of that old passion would rub off on them.

ProjectVulcan1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

If United can finish 4th which is entirely possible then I don't see there being too much of a backlash. Arsenal and Liverpool both had less points at the same stage last season and Arsenal recovered to finish 4th.

No reason United can't.

asmith23061926d ago

He isn't going to get the money though. They couldn't even cough up the 35m Barcelona were looking for Fabregas, and when they did splash some cash they blew it on Fellani. Utd don't have the financial muscle to compete with the richest clubs like Chelsea, City, Madrid, etc. and they don't have the financial prowess of Arsenal, who are now debt free and able to afford players like Ozil.

And saying "upheaval" is way off the mark. Moyes inherited a league winning side (in supposedly the best league in the world), hardly a bad spot to begin with. They are half way down the table at christmas, the only difference being Fellani and the manager. It's clear to me where the blame lies.

ProjectVulcan1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

United knew that it didn't matter if they bid 40m for Fabregas it became clear he was not going to leave and Barcelona would not sell.

You obviously are unaware that United will have a very large increase in sponsorship income starting from next season. For example the world's largest shirt sponsorship deal begins with Chevrolet, which nearly doubles what the Barcelona are paid a season which is the current largest. Then there is the new Nike shirt deal in negotiation and should be confirmed this season. This deal is again predicted to be by far and away the largest in the world, nearly double the next largest, Real Madrid's deal with Adidas every year. This represents a virtual trebling of the current Nike deal.

Aon continue their partnership as the training sponsor and their names continue on the training shirts- this will be the biggest deal of its kind for anyone, anywhere too. To put that into perspective, this deal alone is worth about twice as much as most other premier league clubs primary shirt sponsor per year!

Added to the increase in premier league TV money, only someone who is a bit clueless thinks United will have nothing to spend and underestimates the commercial power of the club that isn't on the wane, even if parts of the squad are.

Also claiming there is no upheaval when you lose a manager after over a quarter of a century and replace large parts of the backroom staff including the chief executive...... Well. That makes me laugh.

The fact the team sat on top of the league are the only top 4 side that retained their manager and staff says a lot to me. Obviously it means nothing to people who don't clearly know what they are talking about.

The great man himself recognised continuity from the manager and staff as a key factor for United's continued success. Now that has to begin again, inside the most institutionalised club in all the premier league.

asmith23061925d ago

@Vulcan, I love the way you write essays when you get defensive :) Utd don't have the cash to spend on the players they need, it is as simple as that. Sponsorships is one thing, being backed by billionaires like City and Chelsea is another thing entirely.

"Obviously it means nothing to people who don't clearly know what they are talking about." - please don't be so self righteous and condescending. Like I said, Moyes inherited the league winning side in "the best league in the world" and now they sit mid table at the midway point. Don't buy into that "in transition" crap. Ferguson landed Utd a manager who is not up to the job, plain and simple. If the league winning squad isn't good enough for him then what will be?

ProjectVulcan1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

My posts are usually longer because I have thought them out, not because I am particularly defensive. It wasn't that hard to dismiss your reply to me, it was very poor and not accurate.

United clearly will have money to spend if they can spend 27m on a midfielder like Fellaini whether you believe he is any good or not. Most clubs can't afford to put that much on a top striker.

Of course it's all about the commercial side of the club, more than ever before thanks to FFP regulations. City and Chelsea can only spend big if their owners basically gift them the cash and not mark it down as a loan, which they are now more reluctant to do especially Chelsea. Arsenal stayed relevant because commercially they are strong. Football isn't the same as it was decades ago, if you don't have money it's difficult to succeed, if you do have money like United you can fail but unless you go totally bust you generally don't fade into irrelevance.

Liverpool and Arsenal both had difficult times but stayed fairly relevant or returned to relevancy because they always had money to spend. Be under no illusions United will always generate plenty of money to spend on players to be relevant.

You don't have to buy into the transition but it only makes you look incredibly deluded saying that losing huge portions of the established backroom and the most successful British manager of all time who shaped the club into what it is today isn't much of a change.

Frankly anyone who knows anything about football would laugh in your face, rightly so as all the critics and ex footballer and managers have been pointing it is a huge change for a club Like United.

Honestly why wouldn't I condescend at your comedy post which in one sentence attempts to emphasise that Moyes inherited the Champions and a fantastic side which clearly was never the case, but yet another states that he won't get remotely enough money for the large sort of rebuild you also also believe is necessary.

That's some amusingly ridiculous contradiction right there. How can I not laugh at that nonsense.

More realistically and accurately is that an aging United side one of the weakest in years, led by an incredible manager won a fairly poor league in terms of quality without ever actually playing that well. A league where many teams have improved for this season for the most part.

It seems you haven't actually been watching football the past few years if you can't see this. We'll soon set you straight though and catch you up.

asmith23061925d ago

@vulcan I have lost interest in your rambling at this stage. Just a Utd fan who thinks he knows better than everyone else and resorts to condescending statements to boost your ego. You do it to everybody.

I don't even know why you post back if I "haven't actually been watching football the past few years", and I'm "obviously unaware" and " incredibly deluded". I know I wouldn't post back to someone who I believed was that inferior to me and was clearly out of his mind deluded about football, but I come here for the laugh and football talk. Or maybe you post back because I managed to hit a nerve... :) Peace

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mynameisq1926d ago

To be honest having watched the two losses Man Utd should have won both, the difference is under Fergie they would have taken all the chances and won the penalty when Anita hand balled it on the line, even if they went behind under Fergie they would have chances to pull it back whereas under Moyes once they go behind everyone knows the result is done. I have never in my life seen a manager so bad at making substations, in pretty much every match where they've dropped points it's usually directly after he makes changes that Utd concede, mainly because he mostly makes negative subs