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Van Persie considers Manchester United future

The Dutch striker, who will miss the next month with a thigh injury, is disgruntled at David Moyes' methods and privately harbours doubts about remaining at Old Trafford

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krazykombatant1436d ago

hahahaha when the going gets tough, this little w@nker gets injured and wants to leave.

MajorLazer1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

" understands"..

Spiewie 1435d ago

Imagine if he tried to go back to Arsenal now just because they're doing good... Won't happen I know but he's the person who would try...

Gamer19821434d ago

Agreed but they wont take him back now.. Just shows all he wants is to win ZERO loyalty. I get players desire to win and be in the champions league and they switch for it but look for a move as soon as the going gets tough? Thats just pathetic. He probably played his best season last season that he will ever play looking at his age as hes at his peak professionally so let him go abroad I say.