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Falcao: Ronaldo better than Messi

Goal.com: The Colombia international has described the pair as 'the two most important players in the world' but feels that the Portuguese ace has the edge. (Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Andrés Messi, Radamel Falcao Garcia, Spanish Primera Division)

oIITSBIIo  +   652d ago
windblowsagain  +   652d ago
No just no.

Ronaldo runs at defenders who back away. Does a step over.

Henry was a much better player then Ronaldo ever was/is/

Messi is a better player, might not have the speed of Ronaldo, but has the most important thing. Brains.
GrizzliS1987  +   652d ago
messi is better i agree, but you are retarded.
Baka-akaB  +   652d ago
Yeah , i dont understand that trend of dissing one , to prove the other is better .

Messi is the better player imo , and got both the stats and victories to back it up , without ignoring Ronaldo's talent
Scrivlar  +   652d ago
I think they're both incredible, But for me personally Ronaldo is the best, I prefer that he is a more complete player. He scores tap ins,long shots, headers, volleys, left foot, right foot, free kicks, back heels, he's strong and fast and jumps outrageously high. He's also always used to defend corners and free kicks because of his jumping and heading skill.
PS4OUR  +   652d ago
I have been saying that for ages now but the Messi horde are singing La La La when u mention it. The keywords being: "Complete Player". That is what Ronaldo is.
PS4OUR  +   652d ago
Ronaldo has performed well for Man United, Sporting and Real Madrid. He performs well for his national team Portugal as well.

Messi is good because he plays for Barcelona where the system they use allows the team to defend and attack as a unit. Remove Messi out of that and place him in another team and see if he will be as effective as he is at Barca.

Messi is good but Ronaldo is better having performed consistently well for a number of different teams from different footballing cultures
yezz  +   651d ago
Messi has scored 18 goals in the last 16 international matches. He is the second best all-time scorer for Argentina and has a better record than Maradona. Your "only good with Barca" is an invalid statement.

Ronaldo might be the best player right at this moment but I think his peak has never exceeded Messi's.. I'll give him credit for playing well in England and Spain but that still doesn't make him instantly the better player..
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asmith2306  +   651d ago
I really hate getting into talk over which one is better but I have to say something when people say Messi is only good as he plays for barcelona. A retarded statement to say the least.
Nes_Daze  +   651d ago
Ronaldo is more dangerous when it comes to headers and free kicks, but Messi can assist much better, he can build up a play and that can also be just as valuable. So as to who is the more complete player I think some of you need to rethink what you mean by more "complete".

Falcao saying Ronaldo is better doesn't really speak much to me, since he competed more against Ronaldo than he ever got close to Messi's numbers.
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Scrivlar  +   651d ago
To be fair being able to assist goals is expected at barca, I'd be suprised if any of the players didn't have high assist stats in the midfield and forward positions considering the style of play.
DiLeCtioN  +   651d ago
I need him on my ultimate team. Already have Ibra and Cavani

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