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I'm A Bad Loser, Admits Ronaldo The Real Madrid star admits he regrets some of the comments he made earlier in his career and talked about some of the difficulties caused by his fame and profile.

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KingPin1419d ago

to admit to mistakes is to grow as a person.

asmith23061419d ago

That's some Buddha shit right there...

KingPin1418d ago

its so deep Adele is rolling in it.

Spiewie 1418d ago

We all knew it but atleast he acknowledges himself xD

Nes_Daze1418d ago

I never saw him as a bad guy, hell if I was at his level I'd probably have my few mistakes as well, we're all human.

Scrivlar1417d ago

It's what I love about him as a player, the desire to be the best and give 200% effort to win.