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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Sunderland (Capital One Cup - 22/01/2014)

1-0 J Evans (37)
1-1 P Bardsley (119)
2-1 J Hernandez (120+1)

3-3 on Aggregate.
Sunderland win 2-1 on penalties.

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KingPin1613d ago

well at least now i am sure moyes isn't the problem with MUFC. its the players.
chicharito and wellbeck wasted chance after chance.
januzaj is the most over-rated, selfish player i have ever seen in a united shirt. hitting weak shots from long range that were like training sessions for the keeper.

the penalties were pathetic. no other word for it. it was purely de gea fault for letting the goal in that almost lost them the match but at least he redeemed himself with some great saves.

moyes should hold no blame for this loss. it was all the players doing.

yezz1612d ago

It's not just the players either. Moyes just can't finish these games early. The players have a bad confidence as Rooney and Van Persie are constantly out and close games just don't seem to go their way.

I think Januzaj was the only one that actually made an impact and played okay. Of course he took a horrible penalty afterwards but his playing performance wasn't that bad. United have problems with their players AND manager at the moment..

asmith23061612d ago

Moyes is definitely the problem. Sure, the players might need a kick up ass but he is not even capable of doing that. I can't imagine the board will put up with this farce for too long. It's not acceptable.

KingPin1611d ago

the reason i say moyes wasn't to blame for the loss is because after de gea fumbled, did you see how they attacked and scored a goal under pressure a few seconds later. now had they played the entire game with that intensity from start to finish, we wouldn't be having this convo. moyes can only do so much as a coach but the players are the ones that lacked motivation from the start.
as for not having rooney and RVP, it doesn't matter. Hernandez, who is a world class player, should have put away at least 2 chances with ease. januzaj let the "next ronaldo" title go to his head and thinks he can score wonder goals from long range like CR7 does, but they were all weak attempts. each and every shot.

i agree united performance is unacceptable, but moyes cant be 100% to blame. the players need to own up and admit they played like shite. as for those pathetic penalty skills, i know factually you cant blame a manager for that. some werent even on target.

Gamer19821611d ago

Januzaj only looks good as the quality around him is bottom of the table quality. If it wasn't for the few games Rooney and RVP have got united may well be scrapping for points near the bottom end of the table.

Gamer19821611d ago

Agreed after dominating West Ham and setting the new record for highest amount of goals scored against an opponent in a league cup match beating West Hams own 10-3 record. City look lethal and that was with a backup team.

mmj1612d ago

Moyes can blame injuries all he wants but I bet if Ferguson had still been in charge United would have been 2-3 goals up by the time De Gea fumbled. Moyes tactics are so negative I don't see how he will ever win anything, United just sat back defending a one goal lead against a team that's been bottom of the table all season.

Gamer19821611d ago

That is how Moyes played at Everton it will get you mid table fighting for a Europa league place but nothing more. I said this before United hired him. There is a reason he won nothing and that was his missing edge to finish off games. He prefers to see games out which doesn't always work and costs you points in a season and cup matches.

redknight801612d ago

hahahahahahahahaha!!! I don't hate or love Man Utd, I am in between...but this is just too hilarious...I am sorry!! As a neutral, it is a bit comical to see such a high caliber team fall so hard.