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Champions League reform needed to avoid more Madrid-like maulings

Goal - The Blancos' 6-1 away win at sorry Schalke was the latest example of the huge chasm between the top few clubs and those who are just happy to be in the knockout stage

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jak3y13oy1545d ago

well that's what a cup competition is, sometimes the smaller teams will play one of the giants!

yezz1544d ago

Yep. Schalke isn't even that small of a team, it's one of the richest clubs out there! They have just been very poor while Real is in top form so these kind of outcomes are to be expected sometimes..

krazykombatant1545d ago

such a silly article by this doesn't mean anything just a team hitting their stride at a great time against a side that were very unlucky to draw against such a strong opponent, at least shalke scored which is more than barca could do last year in the semi.

KingPin1544d ago

lol i thought the exact same thing before i posted this article.

why reform a CHAMPIONS league coz the big teams tend to do better. if teams cant go head to head with the big boys, europa league is there to be won.

Linwelin1544d ago

I thought they wanted to make a Europe league, taking all the top teams into one league.