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Giroud: Arsenal must believe against Bayern

The Gunners must overturn a two-goal deficit at the Allianz Arena to avoid another early Champions League exit, a feat only four teams have managed in the last 12 months

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jak3y13oy1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

hey, anythings possible..

may put a cheeky £1 bet on arsenal to win ;)

Stringerbell1505d ago

Hoping Bayern embarrasses them.

asmith23061504d ago

If Arsenal play like they did in the last game they have a good chance. Ozil missing the penalty in the last game was the turning point. Before that they had Bayern rattled and if that penalty went in I think Arsenal would have gone on to do more damage. The miss and red card swung it in Bayerns favour.

Sandmano1504d ago

They must believe their going to get destroyed.

windblowsagain1504d ago

Considering arsenal beat them at home last year, i can't see them getting destroyed.

As for the last game. Robben's goal should not have counted. Had his leg high and studs showing. No red card or penalty should have happened.

Refs these days are pussies.

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