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Highlights: Real Madrid 1 : 0 Bayern Munich Champions League 23/04/14


Benzema 19' 1-0 (Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League)

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Spiewie  +   586d ago
What a great game Madrid got lucky but they deserved it hope they get through now.
asmith2306  +   586d ago
Lucky? They played the best counter attacking game I have seen in a while. Alonso was class, broke everything down and their counter was quick and to the point. They should have scored more to be honest. They might regret them missed opportunities.
S2Killinit  +   586d ago
Exactly, its funny most of the comments here seem to focus on bayern somehow being their own downfall, forgetting that Madrid is a tiugh team to beat. In all honesty Real should have been the leader of La Liga had it not been for tge horrendous ref job in the barca game that pretty much decided the game for the players. Defending is an art and real did a great job last night. To be fair bayern had some great moments as well.
Dark11  +   586d ago
LMAO thank you pep for destroying bayern

"But we had possession"
asmith2306  +   586d ago
So winning the league in record breaking time is Bayern being destroyed? Strange.
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Dark11  +   586d ago
lol you talk like if winning the league is hard
there is no competition in bundesliga

Bayern is much worse than last year you can't DENY that .. hell they even struggled to beat man u lmao.
TheSaint  +   586d ago
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Spiewie  +   586d ago
They only started playing average recently they've been amazing throughout the season.
asmith2306  +   586d ago
Winning the league is hard for any club, especially by record margins. I just think they seem a bit different, not as powerful, hardly destroyed. Also not easy when the opposition sets up in their box for the match and defends very well. Ask Atletico that, the difference being Madrid had the balls to counter attack.
asmith2306  +   586d ago
Is it safe to say that Bayern have lost something under Pep? Under Heynckes they were beasts, they don't seem quite the same. In saying that this was a good game, better than the tripe we seen last night. Alonso was class all night. Could come back to haunt Madrid that they didn't take a couple more of their chances; they were woeful against Dortmund in the second leg last round.
Koyes  +   586d ago
My sentiments exactly. Under Jupp, they had a desire to humiliate their opponents and the style of play to attack constantly. Under Pep, they have become Barca 2.0, having adopted Tiki Taka and I firmly believe that last years Bayern was head and shoulders better than this years Bayern
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redknight80  +   586d ago
I fully agree that last year's Bayern was overall better. The only "game changer" this year being the addition of Goetze, who truly shows his brilliance when needed. I really miss Jupp and I don't like where Pep is taking the team...they have near constant possession, yes...but it is not always possession in a good way. I also don't like that (it seems) more Bayern players are taking to dives/simulations and exaggerated complaints to the referees. Maybe after the next leg and the CL final, I will be eating my words...but, overall..I don't like Pep in the helm of my beloved Bayern.
krazykombatant  +   586d ago
hala madrid!!! great match. deserved result!!!!
krazykombatant  +   586d ago
What are you on about, match was entirely different than the one last night. Madrid went looking to the counter as they always do.

Unlike, chelsea who just sat there and were happy to just play in their half.

Chelsea could have played straight up against atleti. Its difficult to play like that against a bayern that is taught not to give up possession.

Last night only one team wanted to win.
Yaay4me  +   586d ago
Oc course the difference was that madrid played a beautiful game with actual chances to score on fast counters. Chelsea, i dont think they even made more than 10 passes inside athleti's half during the entire game! (Im not even exaggerating)
imtiyaz6  +   586d ago
A 100% fit Bale and CR7 would have run rampant tonight. Bayern are very fortunate CR7 didn't bury that chance otherwise the tie would have been over then. Real really needed to step up their defence; Alonso, Pepe and Ramos delivered. Still more 90 mins to go and nothing is guaranteed in football.
KingPin  +   586d ago
lets hope this goal is enough and they dont pay for their missed chances.

bayern had plenty of possession and did nothing with it.
clearly not the same side that thrashed barca. not by a mile.
TheSaint  +   586d ago
Chelsea V Madrid final would be awesome.
listenkids  +   586d ago
Pep is overrated, give him a team that isn't best in the world and see how these tactics work for him.

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