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Early Screenshots Show Controversial ‘Luis Suarez Bite’ Function To Be Included In PES 2015

After falling far, far behind FIFA in the footballing console wars, Konami are obviously keen to usher in a whole new influx of realism and playability into PES 2015 - with screenshots of the new “Luis Suarez bite” function emerging online.

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Stringerbell1569d ago

Ha I still love Pro Evo, funny little glitch though!

Sandmano1569d ago

lmao this cant be real?

Stringerbell1568d ago

Just a glitch and probably a bit of viral marketing on Pr Evo's part.

iamnsuperman1567d ago

"but it does hark back to a simpler time in football gaming when a simple flick of the R1 button would send your player crashing through the opposing goalkeeper with a hip-height horror scythe."

Ah I miss this. Along with other features such as the big red arrow (I know it was FIFA). Also in Rugby games (god I miss them) where you press R1 to do a high tackle. World Championship Rugby was brilliant. When a player was over the line trying to score a try you press R1 and bam they have dropped the ball (if you did it at the right angle it was allowed)

ProjectVulcan1567d ago

Professional foul button was a part of FIFA for several years.

I remember FIFA 95 (Ha I'm old) where you could turn off the fouls, and then you just went around hammering professional foul button against your mates in the match to win the ball back. Royal rumble mode we called it.

iamnsuperman1567d ago

Fouling football. FIFA needs to bring back this

pandehz1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Is there a combo for it? What about upgrades?

I feel other players should have a bit dodge function too.

windblowsagain1567d ago

I'm surprised someone he has bitten hasn't Punched him hard in the face and knocked those front two teeth out. That's what I would have done.

Stringerbell1566d ago

Well now that he is in La Liga he has the chance to bite Pepe and he's the kind of guy that will react with a punch or two =p