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Highlights: Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Liverpool (EPL - 31/08/2014)

Sterling (8')
Gerrard (49')
Moreno (60')

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Sahil1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

the football was sick, moreno, sturridge, sterling, lovren all good today.

asmith23061448d ago

Great performance by Liverpool. Spurs didnt get a sniff at goal. I thought Balotelli played well too and when he scores a goal I'm sure he will settle right in. And what about that from Moreno? Bale eat your heart out!

neoragex1448d ago

Yep, debut goal as well :)

amiga-man1448d ago

Liverpool deserved it but that penalty was a joke.

neoragex1448d ago

That happens in every football game these days.

amiga-man1448d ago

True neoragex still doesn't make it right, but like you said thats modern football for you.

badz1491448d ago

and people say Ashley Young is worst. smh

dangert121446d ago

The penalty was a penatly, he was tugged back via illegal play thus a penalty, falling just help the ref make the coorect choice, we have seen it many of times when players are fouled in the box, don't fall and get nothing.

amiga-man1446d ago

Don't agree with that at all dangert12, not that it matters the penalty will still stand and nothing will change, personally I would have booked him for diving.