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Highlights: Copa Del Rey Final: Athletic Bilbao 3 -1 Barcelona

0 - 1 20' L. Messi (G) (assist by: Dani Alves)

0 - 2 36' Neymar (G) (assist by: L. Suárez)

0 - 3 74' L. Messi (G) (assist by: Dani Alves)

1 - 3 79' Iñaki Williams (G) (assist by: Ibai)

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KingPin1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Lionel Messi is simply spectacular.
that words. its like he's a second ahead of every defender, knowing their move before they even make it.

well done to barca.

guess its just one more to make it a perfect season.

with MSN on this type of form, i dont see juve doing any damage.

windblowsagain1145d ago

Was an excellent goal from Messi, But that Defence was comical as hell. Guilty of ball watching like many these days.

Messi won't be walking around juve like that.

Nes_Daze1145d ago

Messi makes real life look like a fifa game, and he's done this multiple times.

He was marked by two players, and he flew past them, he's just faster, smarter, more balanced, he embarrassed Boateng. He can walk past any defender he wants, and he doesn't necessarily have to get past them to create a threat(see his passes to Neymar and Rakitic).

Imalwaysright1145d ago

Messi will win his fifth Ballon D'or and deservedly so.

1143d ago