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Jose Mourinho: Man Utd manager says Premier League does not care

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says the Premier League "doesn't care" about helping English sides in Europe.

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sonicwrecks402d ago

Yet the clubs care little about helping the national side Jose...

KingPin401d ago

he has a point though. but luckily for him, win or lose makes no difference to where united finish.

if i was mou, id field a complete B team and keep the better players fresh for the final.
if the FA has a problem with that, well thats just priorities on which game is more important.
in this case, Mou has a valid reason for doing such a thing.
its not like palace is fighting for relegation and need a win to stay up and like united would simply be gifting them the three points which would look like a conspiracy.

big_dom_returns401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

The Special Once.

Or the Special Whince.

Take your pick. He spent 130 million on two players, one being the most expensive ever in the history of the game, the other being Germany's player of the year. They went on a massive unbeaten run. Had you lived on the Moon and returned, you'd expect them to have been lifting the title and a be in the CL final Nope. They finished 6th. 6th! I'll say that again, Jose: you finished 6th! 6th with the most expensive side ever assembled in world football. Two seasons ago, he belittled the Europa League, now he's put all his eggs in that basket in the hope that he wins it. Even if he does, it's a massive failure for a side that costs so much. They've never looked good all season, and they now have the record for the most amounts of draws by any side in the league.

I say give this has been a 10 year contract and another 500 million to spend. Obviously its what's required at Old Trafford.