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Lionel Messi 'seriously considering' leaving Barca

If reports in the Mirror are to be believed, then Lionel Messi might leave Barcelona to join Manchester City. If the transfer happens, then Manchester City will have to pay Messi's release fee which

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KingPin277d ago

its always reported that messi is thinking about leaving barca but its always then reported that he signed a new contract with barca so this will again be more of the same.

i dont see messi leaving barca mostly coz they willing to pay him whatever he asks for knowing they will make up most of it in shirt sales alone but also that its hard to find a realistic upgrade from barca at this point (ask neymar) and real madrid isnt an option for messi if he plans to leave his barca legacy intact.

Sahil276d ago


KingPin276d ago

apparently the negotiations are done and its only a matter of signing the documents.

but yeah, if 500k a week isnt grand, what is.