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donb3078d ago

I am deeply impressed of Mexico. They were the better team, and deserves a 2-0 win. One of the big favorites, France, seems to be out before it really starts!

camehlheon3078d ago

France was only a favorite to people who don't know about football. Everyone in France (well, almost...) knew they were going out 1st round. GRATS to Mexico, they were 100x better ! (and it's a French speaking!) I was supporting Mexico anyway so that this charade ends up asap.

topdawg1223078d ago

I'm incredibly happy with this win, Mexico definitely outplayed them almost the entire game. Chicharito keeping his cool under immense pressure was outstanding. Viva Mexico!!!!!!

RedDevils3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

for France, since now their stupid coach is no longer in charge

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megacardo3078d ago

This was a good match! Congratulations, mexico!

sokrates3078d ago

First Uruguay, then Mexico. Argentina and Brazil are already famous for their football. If Chile follow up, south America shows that they are on top of the world in football!

sokrates3078d ago

Imagine a semi final of Brazil vs Uruguay, Argentina vs Mexico. Would have been something!

karim3078d ago

I think uruguay will crash in the Last 16

Mac is OK3078d ago

Mexico has been playing great for some time now, the opposite of France. If they beat Uruguay they'll likely make it to quarterfinals.

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The story is too old to be commented.