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Referee Koman Coulibaly Could Face Expulsion From World Cup

Fanhouse: In the wake of one of the bigger officiating controversies ever to involve U.S. Soccer, we could see a quick move made by FIFA.

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-Mezzo-2805d ago

This would be stupid, he did what seemed right to him on the field.

griff2804d ago

Getting it wrong sometimes is all part of the greatest game in the world.

Don't flame me, I was just quoting Sepp Blatter XD

Hockey112804d ago

I wish there was a third party viewing every game that is allowed to challenge calls, like in hockey.

ALL_STAR_282804d ago

Hopefully they boot him. That was a terribly reffed game,

amolang2804d ago

He should be, its one thing to make one mistake, but he reffed that game real bad.

albaniasoccer2804d ago

The Goal that the USA had disallowed was 3 penalties and a goal haha. You cant tell me no ref couldn't have caught that.