Abismal refereeing reignites video technology row

Controversy over England’s disallowed ‘ricochet off the crossbar – behind the line’ goal in their 4-1 World Cup loss to Germany, and Argentina’s ‘offside’ goal against Mexico has sparked fresh calls for video technology to be introduced.

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FootballZilla2494d ago

DOnt see why they haven;t adapted to that technology yet.

SelecaoSupporter2493d ago

A ref behind each goal that's just watching the ball and the line.

That's pretty fancy technology.

Ampomah2494d ago

video technology would improve the game tremendously.

SactoGamer2494d ago

I'm all for FIFA adding video replay just like I am MLB doing the same.

-Mezzo-2494d ago

It's stupid to not add replays to the game, specially at such big events.

polarbear2494d ago

I'm not sure about adding video replay since that might eat up time
But I'm all for adding another ref near each goal like the Europa league has (I think it was Europa at least)

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