Argentina Coach Diego Maradona Wants To Put Jersey On And Play Again

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has revealed he wants to put on his Albiceleste jersey and play for his country again, especially against his nation's quarter-final opponents Germany.

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-Mezzo-2526d ago

I wonder, if he would as good as he was & boy is he connected to team or what, Team members seems to love him a lot.

BjornarO2526d ago

Put it on, but wait to the finals 5 latest minutes:)

charsi2526d ago

He only wants to play so he can score a goal with his hand - then claim it was divine intervention! CHEAT

TheJack2526d ago

I don't think he will fit in any jersey...

sokrates2525d ago

If he enters and scores, I will admit that he is bigger than Pele!!! But dont think he suits in any jersey. Imagine, he was twice the sice 2 years ago:)

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