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FootballZilla2693d ago

Congratz Netherlands, but Uruguay but a up a hell of a fight.

The Hunter2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Yeah it was a hard match, especially in the last 10, 5 minutes or so!! Crazy, man!

-Mezzo-2693d ago

They sure played good.

fralne2693d ago

Van Bronckhorst's shot was freakin perfect!

The Hunter2693d ago

Hahaha, hope we get Spain in the final!! Its going crazy here! WE MADE IT TO THE FINAL!!!! :D:D

Men, im so happy.. Maybe I go to Amsterdam sunday and then the homage on monday or tuesday!! Its getting close!

But as I said, we can better play against spain! Netherlands vs Germany will be a nightmare with us eastern neighbors!! But no mather what, we must win!!

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