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InterMilan 3-0 Manchester City

PATRICK VIEIRA could miss the start of the season after he saw red against his old club Inter Milan.

It looked harsh but Mexican referee Baldomero Toledo showed him a straight red while the World Cup 2006 villain rolled around on the floor.
City must now decide whether to appeal or start the campaign without the veteran Frenchman.

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moha102880d ago

City is not as good as people think they are. Not top 4 this year ether...

FootballZilla2880d ago

Mancini might the the worst manager of the year award if his lucky

moha102880d ago

He must go before Christmas....:-)

FootballZilla2880d ago

Yup agree hes making wrong decisons.

moha102880d ago

He belongs in Italy, not in English football. Defensive boring football.

FootballZilla2879d ago

Yup agree, and btw on your profile pic is it bruno alves?

moha102879d ago

he he. Never heard that before;-)

FootballZilla2879d ago

So its not bruno alves ?? lol is it you?