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Switzerland v England: Fabio Capello to make late decision on Wayne Rooney's suitability

Fabio Capello will closely monitor Wayne Rooney's state-of-mind up until kick-off on Tuesday night against Switzerland in the Euro 2012 qualifier to ensure the striker is in the right psychological condition to play football following the allegations about his private life.

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moha102786d ago

What he does in the private life has nothing to do with his performance on the pitch. I think he will play better now than before this "shocking news".

zico2786d ago

Let him play. Switzerland are a good team. England need 3 points, and the best players they have must play.

Maradona2786d ago

ofcourse he must play. His second hobby prostitutes, has nothing to do with football:)

moha102786d ago

You know all about that Mr Maradona;-)

topdawg1222785d ago

Who cares? He's trash anyway, England will dissapoint when the actual competition starts as usual.

Leio2785d ago

Will they ever learn that bitches never keep their mouth shut ?